-- Paste your code below and click on 'RUN' to start your application :D
	mode="fun64", -- select the standard 320x240 screen using the swanky32 palette.
	update=function() update() end, -- called repeatedly to update+draw

-- we will call this once in the update function

--    system.components.screen.bloom=0
--    system.components.screen.filter=nil
--    system.components.screen.shadow=nil
    print("Setup complete!")


-- updates are run at 60fps
    if setup then setup() setup=nil end

    local ctext=system.components.text
    local bg=9
    local fg=system.ticks%32 -- cycle the foreground color

	ctext.text_clear(0x01000000*bg) -- clear text forcing a background color
	ctext.text_print("Hello World!",34,15,fg,bg) -- (text,x,y,color,background)
The FunPad lets you edit and run Fun64 code in any modern browser.

Just paste your code into the editor and click RUN to start your application.

Refresh this page and restart the running code. This code is saved locally on your browser until you clear the browser cache.
Paste the link to a FUN64 code on Github Gist or any raw fun.lua file online. Share the link with your friends for them to play your app.
Restore code to the original state. The original state is the code that you copied into the pad.

Option 1

Click on the game and and press F11 to run the app in fullscreen mode. Please enable WebAssembly if you're running the Edge browser.

Option 2

Go fullscreen. The size of the game screen will resize according to your presets; ie. move the divider to make it bigger or smaller.
Fun64 is a simple game engine designed for single file game sketches.

Visit the official site

View the project on Github

FunPad is powered by Gamecake, WebAssembly JS and Lua.

Paste the URL of your gist or fun.lua file & press Enter

Play some of the examples below
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