Beep generates a 48k 16-bit sampled waveform. The highest frequency, 24k and lowest, 0k.

Play around with the parameters to create strange beeps and soundscapes.

Use the console to copy and paste your creation into the FunPad.

Window displays
Beep Settings for your base waveform. Press play to hear your sound.
Frequency Modulation Disabled by default. Choose Active to enable the settings in this window.
Display Displays the waveform you play. A frame shows 1/60 of a second.
Filter Active by default. The equalizer lets you adjust the volume of 10 frequency bands.
Play Play the frequency of your chosen parameters.
The Console to the right will update itself with the raw code of that frequency.
Square Choose your base waveform. See if you can tell the difference between a square wave and a sine wave.
C Choose your base frequency. The pitch of the sound gets higher after C.
4 Choose the octave of your base frequency.
Duty Adjust the centrepoint of the waveform. See if you can hear the sound get 'tinnier' when you change the slider.
Sustain Level Adjust the volume of your sound.
Attack Adjust the amount of time to reach peack volume. Time is in seconds.
Decay Adjust the amount of time to decay from peak volume to sustain volume. Time is in seconds.
Sustain Adjust the amount of time spent at sustain volume. Time is in seconds.
Release Adjust the amount of time to fade out from sustain volume. Time is in seconds.
Frequency Modulation
Slide Adjust the frequency of the base waveform over time.
C3 <- C4 -> C5 Choose the note range of your modulator. The first note is at -1 cycle, second note at 0 cycle and third note at 1 cycle.
Waveform, frequency Choose a waveform to modulate the frequency of your base waveform.
There are 16 cycles per second. Adjust these numbers to make your sound warble faster or slower.
White steps Adjust the number of random value in a single wave cycle. Only applies to Whitenoise.
White seed Adjust the starting value of the Whitenoise generator. Only applies to Whitenoise.
Wave rez Adjust the vertical resolution of the waveform, 0 means no adjustment (off).
Duty Adjust the centrepoint of the modulator to apply to your base waveform.
Slider Use the slider to scroll through the waveform and audio spectrum generated.
The slider also displays the time of that frame in seconds.
Bands Adjust the volume of each frequency band. 0 is silence and 2 is twice as loud.
Defaults at 1 for each band.

Fun64 is a super simple super lowrez single file game engine powered by Gamecake, WebAssembly JS and Lua.

The FunPad lets you edit and run Fun64 code in any modern browser using Github Gist as storage, creating a unique url that you can share with others to play and collaborate on.

Beep is a simple frequency modulation synthesizer you can use to create sound effects (or questionable tunes) for your applications.

Fun64 is on Github

Some documentation for functions can be found here.