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Behold the wonder of my wurd turds!

Posted 2 years ago
Imagine you’re by the beach.

Wind blowing and waves waving. You’re stading face to face with the Pacific. Do you know what’s to be said about the Pacific? That it has no Memory. Your thoughts are absent, a great thing. Breaking eye contact with the ocean you look left and then right. For as far as you can see in both directions the coast is vacant. You are alone, but you pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff - May,2016


Posted 4 years ago
a lot of people want to enter her sacred space,best chess moves
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3. What do other people always come to me for? This is a great one. I'll bet there are a number of things that the people in your life consistently ask you for. In all, there's a great need for persistence when using the Subconscious Mind Power Techniques. They are not automatic techniques that can help realize quick wealth. You really need to use them always in order to see results.
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Posted 3 years ago
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Posted 3 years ago
february 29th, 2016 wetv was killed
Posted 5 years ago


once upon a time, there was a yard sale in a rural town outside of where you live (audience connection). in this town, a young elementary school girl named harriet lived with her single mother in a dusted duplex. her father was absent for her entire life and harriet was subject to a life of mediocracy with only one parental source for income.

harriet often was teased at school for her ratted clothing. she had a doll which she carried as often as possible, though she had to stoy it in her bag in classes. at recess she would be made fun of for carrying it. her name was lucy. she heard it once on a tv programme.

one day harriet's mother came home with a dollhouse. it was made of ancient hickory and smelled of moth balls. the shutters were a stark green, the sides stained wood with remnants of deep red paint that had mostly chipped off. scratched into the bottom with scrawled letters was "DROSS eats diapers for $".

the doll house grew teeth and a bunch of scary stuff and killed harriet with it's new stuff that was scary and harriet was like waaaay hotter once her guts were opened up. like her blood was everywhere in her room, her mom was probably quite piss.


p.s. the villagers wore black obama masks even the cis scum
Posted 11 years ago
The genesis of an infinite superpotentialism

It's here.

Now, i want all who enter to behave.

Or your gonna be sorry.

Now, this could be a nice way to resurrect the Talkies. From the dead. Like a deadite.

Wetfiction is gonna be a multiplayer text adventure with interactive objects and rooms of doom.

And I'm in charge. So pay your respects to me, cuz this is mah territory.

Now, go forth and post, mortals.
Posted 10 years ago
its hell man hell
Posted 5 years ago
Burn all your bridges
just so that you can build them again
with thicker ropes.

Hurt all the people you love
and then commit every felony to win them back.

Turn yourself inside out
and paint your organs the color of what you see
in your dreams.

This is the art of
living with a ticking heart, a grenade you
throw through windows to make a
point that language
has no room for.

This is how I destroyed you.

And this,
is how I kept you alive.

Dig yourself a ditch, six
feet deep, and bury everything that you've ever
said, everything that you've never
meant, and everything that has
burned you and left you with nothing
but ash.
Posted 5 years ago
shi wrote on Tue, 11 December 2007 20:22with great power, comes great responsibility.

crap quotes aside, where's the fiction?
the fiction is your very existance
Posted 10 years ago
The Story Of Sex and Communists

It was a fine summer day, although it was a tad bit cold for summer. In fact, it was snowing. Is it actually winter? Of course not. It's just Russia... Or Canada... Or some where that was extremely cold that no one really cared about... The snow heavily coated the ground, trapping people in their homes for the evening. Surely in this day in age, being trapped inside with multiple people would mean only one thing - folks sharing bodily fluids along with their naked bodies with other folks. Unless they were related, then at most they gave each other hand jobs.

In one quaint home was a pair named XIX and Shi. The two were not related, but were rumored to be conjoined for some odd reason. Some speculate that it's because they ran some sort of internet empire that would soon take over the world. Others assumed they were just hobos who pulled enough change together to afford a small home. See, this is why we can't have nice things. The pair did nothing throughout their icy incarceration, seeing how they were busy dealing with a hang over from last night's Christmas Party. On the 7th of April. Totally.

In another home was an unusually peaceful communist. He was called "Commrade" had a fetish for shooping pictures of his lover. Speaking of his lover, Tosi, was prancing around in a blue dress with crystal-like wings upon his back. The two posed in various ways, holding a frosted-bottle of yellow liquid.

"I love you." Commrade said with a sexy Russian accent, as if there were any other kind.

"I hate you." said Tosi in a similar accent.

This went on for a good thirty minutes until both of them just gave up. The perfume commercial role play wasn't making either of them feel elated. Instead they decided to watch the most erotic thing they could think about to get their wangs harder than a prosthetic leg. This thing happened to be a video on youtube of David Hasselhoff and Rick Astley singing Caramelldansen. Within the first ten seconds, they were both ready to do their own type of dance.

The Communist, Commrade, spun Tosi around and pushed his fleshy sword into Tosi's hungering anus. As you know, he's well hung. He made Tosi laugh, wiggle and squirt. With just one push, Tosi said "Ooh that hurts!"

However, Commrade was quick in all that he did. As such, he had released the flood gates and made Tosi's anal cavity overflow with penis-nectar. As soon as Commrade pulled out, something strange emerged from Tosi's love hole:

Commrade had a little fright and Tosi got scared, and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.
Posted 7 years ago
I found some spam about Air conditioners a while back, Lunboks removed the Complete RAGE post I made as a response to it when he removed the spammer post. It was quite a surprise, I worked hard in pouring my anger into that text.
Posted 5 years ago
Lel penis nectar
Posted 5 years ago
how romantic :') <3
Posted 7 years ago

play until end: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdJH7Y56c7Y

->My name given by the great and almighty אדוני is Joshua Benjamin Goldstein-Greenburg, aged 34 years. I am a banker and a part time real-estate agent and part-part time lawyer (I usually only do lawyer work when it involves accidents and personal injuries like slipping on wet floors). I generally spend most of my time at the bank I work at, either counting money or harrassing customers by taking my time when serving them. I have moved away from my family to the great and prosperous land of the original American gold rush: California; in hope of finding a fortune. I ventured to California with my cousin Jerome Rutkowski Goldberg-Goldstein, aged 29 years. My story begins one morning when I recieve a phone call regarding my cousin.
"That's my phone." I said to myself. I flip open my tracfone I was able to purchase for cheap sum of $9.87 off of the internet, as Wal*Mart, which is actually now run by my 7th cousin once removed Ishmael, was far too expensive for my tastes. I see on my phone's lcd display that I have missed a call from Rabbi Finklestein. Rabbi Finklestein is a very close friend and mentor of myself and my family. Rabbi Finklestein was the one who removed ערלה my with his teeth and was my Rabbi for my Bar Mitzvah, l'chaim!
"I better call him back now." I mumbled to myself. 310-4$8-6690.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have been diagnosed with a condition that makes me percieve every numeral "5" as a "$". My doctor said it was called "Jüdischesciosis".

"Rabbi Finklestein? Are you there?" I inquired.

I am stopping for now, there will be another part soon.
like in 22 hours. but 22 hours might not be "soon" for some because patience varies among people.
Posted 7 years ago
I was young and reckless! I didn't know what I was doing!
Posted 6 years ago
To your professed bosoms I commit him~
Posted 5 years ago
um what
Posted 5 years ago
Kado is retarded

[12:56:59 PM] SPR_255: Poke
[1:43:17 PM] Nefer Aissel: oh its u
[1:44:17 PM] SPR_255: hi
[1:44:53 PM] SPR_255: what's up?
[1:44:58 PM] Nefer Aissel: nm u?
[1:45:03 PM] Nefer Aissel: (u know who i am right?)
[1:45:29 PM] SPR_255: wetgenes i think. waist?
[1:45:45 PM] Nefer Aissel: not even close
[1:45:58 PM] SPR_255: i forget then'
[1:46:01 PM] Nefer Aissel: lol
[1:46:02 PM] SPR_255: who?
[1:46:12 PM] Nefer Aissel: wetgenes is right but
[1:46:22 PM] Nefer Aissel: if u had one guess.
[1:46:48 PM] Nefer Aissel: and only one...
[1:46:52 PM] Nefer Aissel: the one..
[1:47:23 PM] Nefer Aissel: who else could i be
[1:47:39 PM] SPR_255: rock?
[1:47:49 PM] Nefer Aissel: that's the guy who asked who verms had a crush on
[1:47:57 PM] Nefer Aissel: i actually quoted from him
[1:48:00 PM] Nefer Aissel: with the whole one guess thing
[1:48:14 PM] Nefer Aissel: i'll give u one more guess
[1:48:45 PM] SPR_255: hmm.
[1:48:58 PM] Nefer Aissel: i will rape you xD
[1:49:09 PM] SPR_255: I can't remember.
[1:49:14 PM] Nefer Aissel: kado u suck
[1:49:20 PM] Nefer Aissel: i look at your avatar and i know who u r
[1:49:33 PM] SPR_255: yeah well you don't use the same avatar
[1:49:39 PM] SPR_255: if you used your avatar i'd knw
[1:49:41 PM] SPR_255: know
[1:49:47 PM] Nefer Aissel: well there's one thing that never changes
[1:50:13 PM] Nefer Aissel: heck ive been using this avatar on wetgenes for some time
[1:50:28 PM] SPR_255: I need a list of usernames. one sec.
[1:50:38 PM] Nefer Aissel: i often use a lot of emote faces
[1:50:44 PM] Nefer Aissel: how cant u remember
[1:50:54 PM] Nefer Aissel: it's like
[1:51:02 PM] Nefer Aissel: you're totally weeded out of my realm
[1:51:15 PM] SPR_255: Athens!
[1:51:20 PM] Nefer Aissel: lol.. fuck you dude
[1:51:22 PM] SPR_255: lol
[1:51:23 PM] Nefer Aissel: last hint
[1:51:32 PM] Nefer Aissel: if u dont get it at this point...
[1:51:52 PM] Nefer Aissel: then you are not kado
[1:51:54 PM] Nefer Aissel: here we go
[1:51:56 PM] Nefer Aissel: =^_^=
[1:52:47 PM] SPR_255: is that the hint?
[1:52:48 PM] Nefer Aissel: yes, your hint is...
[1:52:50 PM] Nefer Aissel: =^_^=
[1:53:28 PM] SPR_255: well when i see that I immediately think o_hai, but that's not you.
[1:53:43 PM] SPR_255: cause i never spoke to him on skype.
[1:53:48 PM] Nefer Aissel: i must have not been very happy in your presence
[1:54:00 PM] Nefer Aissel: you are not in my world
[1:54:04 PM] Nefer Aissel: how about....
[1:54:12 PM] Nefer Aissel: i am the crownwhore of time.
[1:54:45 PM] SPR_255: ok... i got this
[1:55:05 PM] Nefer Aissel: you better
[1:55:23 PM] SPR_255: I don't got this
[1:55:52 PM] SPR_255: gimme multiple choice, lol
[1:55:54 PM] Nefer Aissel: im going to post this convo o nthe forum and show everyone how stupid you are
[1:56:00 PM] SPR_255: if I just had a list of all the usernames i could pick you out
[1:56:56 PM] Nefer Aissel: why dont you make up all the usernames you can think of right now
[1:57:08 PM] Nefer Aissel: so i can mock you about it
[1:57:18 PM] SPR_255: meh.
[1:57:38 PM] Nefer Aissel: you're a god damn excluded ignoramus
[1:57:57 PM] SPR_255: so this is KAM then
[1:58:21 PM] Nefer Aissel: no, clearly im erik_revolution, telling you that you're a jew
[1:58:27 PM] SPR_255: lol
[1:58:37 PM] Nefer Aissel: you dumb shit
[1:58:45 PM] Nefer Aissel: finally fucking guessed it, dude
[1:59:00 PM] SPR_255: I had to look on the forums. I forgot your name existed.
[1:59:06 PM] Nefer Aissel: if you don't know that =^_^= means KAM, then you have your wang shoved up your own anus
[1:59:26 PM] Nefer Aissel: we just talked about smash brawl like 12 times in the past 2 weeks
[1:59:42 PM] SPR_255: that was like a month ago
[1:59:59 PM] Nefer Aissel: that was like 2-3 weeks ago.
[2:00:23 PM] Nefer Aissel: welcome to skypegenes
Posted 5 years ago
canadian kams
it's more likely than you
Posted 5 years ago
O.O a canadian traces
Posted 6 years ago
Book Suggestions

123 go
Posted 5 years ago
The Wars of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurtz
Posted 5 years ago
Athens wrote on Wed, 09 January 2013 09:14

Posted 6 years ago

Time is endless in thy hands, my lord.
There is none to count thy minutes.

Days and nights pass
and ages bloom and fade like flowers.
Thou knowest how to wait.

Thy centuries follow each other
perfecting a small wild flower.

We have no time to lose,
and having no time
we must scramble for a chance.
We are too poor to be late.

And thus it is that time goes by
while I give it
to every querulous man who claims it,
and thine altar is empty
of all offerings to the last.

At the end of the day I hasten in fear
lest thy gate to be shut;
but I find that yet there is time."
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