Leeds Art Crawl Open Beta

Leeds Art Crawl has now expanded to Art Crawl, discovering and mapping public art in more cities including Dublin and Bradford.


#leedsartcrawl is an Open Data game to highlight public art & its audience in the city of Leeds.


Can open data encourage civic participation?

There are 200+ public artworks distributed across the city. Some are very visible, others, not quite so. They also vary considerably in medium and style. So our goal is to create a comprehensive data set about the public art offering across the city.

It should be noted that this is currently in active development so will contain bugs.



Press & mentions

Can open data encourage civic participation? by Abhay Adhikari

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The City Talking News by Daniel Chapman for The City Talking

Health in Numbers by Leeds Data Mill

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#CreateUK - A glimpse of the country's vibrant game development sector by Craig Chapple for Develop Online

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Grab the full zip here (1.5mb)