Dr. Bulbaceous: Puzzle Solver Published September 2013


Dr. B is designed to fit perfectly into the design constraints of a mobile device without compromising on gameplay. We take proven gameplay from classic arcade games and bring the entire package up to date as something that the modern gamer can play in brief mobile spurts or marathon sessions.

Our design caters to skillful single life playthroughs or hours of grinding, the choice of how to play is up to you.

Dr. Bulbaceous : Puzzle Solver is the first game to be distributed via Dimeload.

Dr. Bulbaceous : Puzzle Solver is one of the GameStick launch games.

A puzzling arcade experience.
Descend through 100 levels of challenging puzzle mayhem in a quest to defeat the big bad boss at the bottom of the bottom most well. Fans of Uo Poko, Puzzle Bubble and Bust-a-move will enjoy Dr. B or be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.

As Dr. B, you have the official task to clean the wells of Bulbville by matching 3 or more bulbs of the same colour. If you play well, you get Cookies that allow you to "cheat" by buying strange balls from the Swap Shop but by using these balls to clear a well, you get less cookies for each level cleared. What do you do?!

There is, of course, an end of level boss waiting for you down the dankest level of the 100th well but don't tell them I said that!

- Runs on Linux, Windows, Android, Raspberry Pi
- 100 levels of well designed puzzling puzzles
- Levels get progressively strange but varies in difficulty
- Features more than 20 balls of varying powers & effects
- Features just the one mode - HARDCORE
- Surprise end of level boss
- Hypnotic physics simulator engine
- Your choice of strategy or grind
- Cookies are always returned when game ends so spend away or not at all
- Forgiving level system where you can buy back levels when your game ends
- Dynamic in-game soundtrack for full effect
- Multiple profiles allow multiple users to share one game

Dr. Bulbaceous is currently on Greenlight

Awards and mentions

Dr. Bulbaceous: Puzzle Solver has been shortlisted in 2013 TIGA Games Industry Awards for Best Arcade Game (Small Studio), see http://www.edge-online.com/news/2013-tiga-games-industry-awards-finalists-scees-wonderbook-studio-leads-the-way/

The J2ME version was one of the winners of the 2006 DONATIONCODER.COM Accessibility Game Programming Contest supported by the IGDA's Game Accessibility SIG, see https://www.donationcoder.com/Contests/agame/


Orignially created as a J2ME game in 2005, it was destined for mobile phones until the publisher decided "they already had a puzzle game" and it was shelved. Luckily, since we never got paid for anything, we never lost ownership of anything either.

When talking about Dimeload, we decided we wanted a simple yet complex game as the first release and Dr. B was finally reborn, revamped and rejiggled to become what it is today.

The next development phase for Dr. B is a 90s style RPG, using the puzzle game as a "battle" mode.



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Original Soundtrack
Available for free from soundcloud.com.


The following youtube embeds are playlists, so be sure to check the other videos (see the top left hand corner when playing).


Grab the full zip here (1.2mb)