Dimeload Alpha Release


Dimeload is our custom distribution system with a very simple plan.

Every download costs a dime and a sponsor may create custom download pages with a number of downloads prepaid.

Our hope is that it is possible to harness the social sharing nature of people so that despite charging a dime per download, there are enough people willing to sponsor downloads that our work esentially becomes free.


We do not believe "free to play", "in game advertising", "in game transactions" or even centralised systems like "Steam" are good for creators. Dimeload is our attempt to come up with something slightly diferent.

Join Us

If you have something you would like to distribute using Dimeload then please, talk to us. We are very interested in setting up and managing Dimeload sites for other creators and feel it can work with any digital content.

Dimeload is open source so anyone can use it. However, we feel it may be best for us to manage the early sites whilst we iron out any teething problems.




Grab the full zip here (184kb)