DmazeD Published April 2013


DmazeD is a simple riff on the Pacman format combined with the gameplay of 3d Monster Maze.

Features a maze generator so you can never be sure where you are and limited visability / darkness to simulate the fear of 3d monster maze.

Fully open source, DmazeD is a Gamecake Jam, free to be played or even remixed by anyone.

A little girl, lost in a labyrinth where she has to look for a key to escape the maze and that strange "humming". Is it all in her head or is something more nefarious lurking in the shadows?

- Procedurely generated pac-man mazes for a unique experience every time
- Simple arrow-keys only for control
- Features endless number of levels
- Features hide and seek gameplay
- Fear circle which limits the view of the player
- Fear circle responds to fear level of player (gets bigger as you move around, contracts as you hide in a corner)
- Eat sweets to increase speed and anxiety
- Consuming all sweets per level increases speed on the next level
- An "unknown??" enemy that seeks out player only when it sees the player; smells their fear
- Allows for strategic gameplay when scoring (the closer the enemy is to you when you escape, the higher your score)
- All sound effects and music are created using only the voice of one of the developers




Grab the full zip here (1mb)