Gamecake Alpha Release


Gamecake is our open source game engine that represents the distilled wisdom of decades of game development experience and is designed on the KISS principle.

At it's heart is a collection of open source librarys bound together by Lua and built into a single fat binary; this file is then all you need to run any Gamecake application.

Custom platform bindings to NaCl, Android, Windows, Linux and the Raspberry Pi allow the same code to be run on any of these platforms.

NaCl support means that Gamecake is an open source, cross platform alternative to Flash or Unity in the browser.


Full sourcecode can be found at:

and example programs can be found at

This includes some of our free games such as DmazeD and Gthang, which are 100% open source and available for anyone to tinker with.

Documentation and more information can be found at


Grab the full zip here (750kb)