Gthang Published September 2013


Gthang is an early 80s style shootemup, it is free, it is open source and it represents shi using the Gamecake engine to build a simple game from scratch as a form of example and documentation.

With only one life, this is possibly even more hardcore than 80s arcade games. Luckily, we took a trick from Ghosts and Goblins so the powerups double as a single hit shield.

The game design has been tweaked to work well with either keys or touchscreen control. Give the Android version a try, we think it works rather well.

Fully open source, Gthang is a Gamecake Jam, free to be played or even remixed by anyone.

You start typically in a game where you are expected to shoot at foreign objects that fly towards you. When you engage, "someone" starts questioning your intent via rhetorical statements at the top of the screen. Shoot to kill or stop and get killed?

- Original graphics, animation and effects
- Simple shoot once to kill gameplay
- Levels get progressively harder
- Your choice of strategy or grind
- Uniquely designed levelling system
- Acquire powerups from bonus level
- Bonus levels appear at various points throughout the game
- Ability to juggle powerups for later use or now
- Powerups also double up as one-use shield
- 4 different kinds of powerups
- 4 different kinds of enemy types
- Different gameplay for keyboard controls and touchscreen devices
- Complex touchscreen control that utilizes both touch and hold for different commands
- Hero ship teleports to finger position only on touchscreen



The following youtube embeds are playlists, so be sure to check the other videos (see the top left hand corner when playing).


Grab the full zip here (608kb)