Swanky Art Alpha Released


Swanky Art is a new kind of pixel art community.


On International Amiga Day 2014, we released Swanky Art, a pixel art community based on daily challenges that restricts your palettes, dimensions and filters.

Our aim is to fully recreate the restrictions of the past, teaching attribute clash to a new and terrified generation.

Swanky Art features the online version of Swanky Paint.

Please note that this is a restricted version of the full art package due to the challenge concept of the website and this only works on Chrome browsers because the application runs on Native Client.

- Daily "inspirations"
- Restricted color palettes, dimensions and filters as puzzle element
- Galleries
- Profile pages
- Featured front page art that changes daily
- Unlimited access to free version of Swanky Paint

These are some of the features that are present in the current version of the website. We are still adding more to the site.




Grab the full zip here (146kb)