WetSpew Published April 2007


WetSpew is the backend socket server that our chat, virtual world and other multiplayer games run on, it has been live since 2007.

Most of our flash games connect to this chat server and hand out virtual daily rewards for playing well.

At the most basic level, we also accept telnet connections and are a Talker at heart. You will have to visit the 80s to learn what a Talker is as most of the mud/mush culture is now dead or furry.

One of our basic design choices is to have words of power, things you can type that effect other users. This is combined with a simple "monkey see, monkey do" learning experience where these words of power can be learnt by watching others. We often introduce new features by showing them to one person only and then watch as this information passes through the whole community via word-of-mouth.

The code for this server is battle hardened and built up over many years of user requests.

We are rather unique in having formed a self administration system where anyone can ban anyone else from public areas and everyone is a moderator. Occasionally this fails and drama happens but it has been supprisingly successful.

This is fully open source for guaranteed protection against the horrible situation where the developer shuts down their servers and the users no longer have anywhere to go.

Our ultimate plan is to seamlessly connect multiple servers so users can visit other worlds.