WetV Published April 2007


WetV is our most popular multiplayer "game", a sort of Youtube juke box similar in experience to hanging out at a party where everyone is watching TV and fighting over the remote.

We suspect WetVs popularity is down to the casual "lean-back" experience; like browsing Youtube randomly. Often, only one person drives the video choice whilst everyone else just watches.

Occasionally, the flash file would get posted on 4chan so a lot of our current users are orignally from there.

Generally, the kids hang out in TV by default (and so do we) then move to other rooms only when they have a specific plan.

So we consider the TV room(s) to be the central social hub.

Originally written for the flash format in 2007, Youtube has since removed support for the original API so we had to rebuild it in javascript in 2012. Sadly, the breaking of the original flash API also broke its use in our virtual world (since early 2013) so until WetVille gets an upgrade from Flash to Gamecake, the javascript version is the only current working option.

Previously, WetV was also a virtual room in WetVille.

The back end is of course handled by WetSpew.



Visit youtubes sick dark underbelly by looking at the logs of recently popular videos at http://wetlogs.blogspot.co.uk/#tv