WetVille Published April 2008


WetVille is our virtual world. As well as many standard virtual things, it features a couple of experimental games in some of the rooms.

ZeeGrind is a multiplayer zombie bonking game where the objective is to fight your way past the annoying zombies; using balloons to bonk them on the head and stun them. It takes teamwork and planning to get to the end where a special balloon shop is located.

WetPokr is a poker game, rejiggled slightly to be time based rather than turn based. It is, of course, multiplayer and we seed a bot in there with virtual cash so that one of the easiest ways to pick up cash is to shark the bot in WetPokr. Again, sharking is best done in teams.

WetV was, previously, also a virtual room in WetVille but recent changes to Youtube have disabled it. We could fix it but feel it is better to wait and perform a more serious overhaul than waste time patching it.

Created for the flash format in 2008, we intend to upgrade it to Gamecake in 2014 and also switch to real 3D using our Oculus Rift Development kit.

Unfortunately, building a virtual world is somewhat time consuming and it's hard to justify the dev time on such a project.





Grab the full WetVille zip here (319kb)
Grab the full WetPokr zip here (719kb)
Grab the full Zeegrind zip here (311kb)